The Wedding Cake War

Written by Lynna Banning
Review by Debra Rodensky

Lolly Mayfield steps off the train in Maple Falls, Oregon, believing that she’s about to become the bride of Kellen Macready. It’s 1879, and she wants nothing more than to get married to the former colonel before her thirtieth birthday. The advertisement for a mail order bride, however, said nothing about having to compete for the hand of the groom. It seems that the Maple Falls Ladies Helpful Society left out that little detail when they decided to raise money for a new school. The prospective brides must do battle with each other on the field, in the kitchen, and in the arms of devilishly handsome Kellen Macready.

This humorous romance is so light it almost floats off the page. Each of the potential brides has something to lose if they don’t win the competition, but they all gain something important through their trials. The only flaw in this romance is the abrupt conflict between Lolly and Kellen, who suddenly appear out of character in what had been a slowly simmering love story. Despite this one flaw, I enjoyed the sweetness of this novel and would recommend it.