The Warrior

Written by Claire Delacroix
Review by Viviane Crystal

Michael Lammergeier, the seventh son of Magnus Armstrong, will fulfill a momentous prophecy. Until then he dreams at night of a woman who will share his future and grasps every passing opportunity to restore his rightful legacy, the latter trait earning him the notorious name of “The Hawk of Inverfyre.”

Traveling with his band of warriors, he arrives at Abernyre, Scotland in 1409 and meets the mirage from his dreams, Aileen. The two are irrevocably bound together, both by the passion and visions behind their kisses and their mutually distrustful fury after he kidnaps her on the first night of his visit. It remains unclear who stole Inverfyre from whom until the novel’s latter portion, but it is clear that spies are afoot and threaten to defeat the Hawk’s plans. Is Aileen the one who is the awaited fulfillment of the prophecy that will restore Inverfyre to its rightful laird?

The last of the Ravensmuir trilogy novels, The Warrior has a swift plot including provocative characters who convey passionate love, hate, humor, and fear. While reading this fascinating story, readers will hunger for more, anticipating more Scottish historical fiction with vivid, paranormal features from this talented author.