The War of the Dragon Lady

Written by John Wilcox
Review by Valerie Loh

China in 1900 is a dangerous place for westerners as the peasant youth rise up forming the cult of The Boxers, who blame the foreign barbarians, especially the hated missionaries, for the state of their country. They are encouraged by the Empress, ‘The Dragon Lady’ who secretly supports the red-bannered Boxers.

Simon Fonthill with his wife Alice and his trusted comrade ‘352’ Jenkins travel to her uncle’s mission. The Boxers attack them on their return journey to the Legations of Peking. There, instead of finding a place of safety, a siege begins. The situation Simon Fonthill finds he is facing is a siege, which has political backing of a ‘Divine Empress’, unofficially, which means that diplomacy necessitates the ‘social niceties’ are initially still observed.

Comparisons could be made between Simon Fonthill and Jenkins, to Richard Sharpe and Harper; however, this would be overlooking a strong member of the team, Alice Fonthill, who also features in this action packed fast-paced adventure. The loyalty, bravery and affection the trio share make the stories throughout the series even more engaging.