The War of the Crowns: Queen of Freedom v.2

Written by Christian Jacq
Review by Suzanne Crane

Continuing the saga of Queen Ahotep’s battle to overthrow the foreign domination of the Hyskos conquerors, The War of the Crowns returns the reader to war-torn Egypt in the 17th century BC. With her son, the new Pharaoh Kamose, and steadfast supporters and allies, Regent Queen Ahotep consolidates her position in Thebes. She launches counterattacks against the brutal Hyskos Emperor, Apophis, and his inhumane administrators in hopes of winning freedom for her people and country. The indiscriminate slaughter and murders committed by the Hyskos against the native Egyptian populace are innumerable, even to the creation of a death camp reminiscent of those during World War II. As always, Christian Jacq brings alive the people and cultures of this ancient period. Young adults and adults will find the reading fast-paced, descriptive, exciting, and a true testament to Jacq’s popularity. Even when tragedy once again devastates Ahotep’s royal family, the reader looks forward to the next volume knowing her strength and courage must prevail.