The Wall

Written by Douglas Jackson
Review by Alan Cassady-Bishop

It’s the last days of the Roman Empire in Britain. There are now two Emperors and resources are being considered. The hard-won—and hard retained—province of Britain is a problem. But not for those who live and fight on the island. Marcus Flavius Victor, a Roman raised on the Wall, refuses to give in. He wants a solid end to incursions to Roman Britain and a reason for the lives lost over the decades. But he must work with both local tribes and a complacent Roman government. Marcus, well-trained, dedicated, and admired, decides enough is enough and, without direct authorization, embarks on an ‘inspection tour’. But really, is he gambling his life, and hundreds of others, for the Purple or the Empire?

An excellent novel combining the politics of a declining empire with real emotions, command decisions … and a balance between what is right to do or what you can do.