The Valley of Light

Written by Terry Kay
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

Noah Locke is an itinerant fisherman on a visit to a North Carolina community in the summer of 1948. An army veteran who participated in the liberation of Dachau concentration camp, the young man soon becomes the talk of the valley for his fishing skills. His quiet unassuming nature draws him to both the talkative general store owner who resembles a lost comrade, and a young widow whose husband died under mysterious circumstances. Over the week of his stay he works his way into hearts, participates in the search of a missing boy, and finds the key to the cause of the Eleanor Cunningham’s husband’s death. By the time he leaves, he has changed lives.

Although sometimes burdened by its passive voice and phrase-heavy sentences, Kay’s sweet-natured hero and mostly benign Southern community yields colorful images and stories. The fishing fable is heartfelt and touching.