The Untamed Bride

Written by Stephanie Laurens
Review by Elizabeth Caulfield Felt


Readers of Stephanie Laurens will be pleased with The Untamed Bride, the first in a new quartet of books. In 1822 India, the Black Cobra cult is terrorizing villages, torturing and murdering Indians and Englishmen alike. Four men find proof that the leader of the cult is a highly protected English aristocrat. These men must take the evidence back to England and into the waiting hands of another powerful aristocrat who is willing to challenge the evil-doer. The men separate, one with the evidence and the others with copies, each taking different routes to England.

The Untamed Bride follows the path of one of the men, Colonel Derek “Del” Delborough. Arriving in England, Del meets up with Deliah Duncannon, a beautiful and willful Englishwoman returning from a mysterious sojourn in Jamaica. Together, the two battle the minions of the Black Cobra while dealing with their strong attraction. The action in the bedroom is as vivid and dangerous as the action on the streets.

Laurens is adept at weaving together thrilling adventure and intense passion. Her fans will not be disappointed in the first episode in this new series.