The Unquiet Heart

Written by Gordon Ferris
Review by Fenella Miller

Danny MacRae, a private detective barely making ends meet in post-war London, meets Eve Copeland, a crime reporter, looking for new ways to improve her career. Danny falls for Eve and is determined to find her when she disappears. The search for his lover leads him first into a web of black marketeers, double agents and assassins then to Berlin where terrorism and espionage are rife. He begins to lose sight of the line between good and evil.

This is a superb book, intelligent and gripping. Think Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe in 1946 London. You walk with Danny in the bleakness and fog, taste the warm beer and smell the tobacco. Gordon Ferris draws you in from the first page with his mix of humour, brilliant narrative and breathtaking action.

This is his second Danny MacRae book; no doubt there will be more. I certainly hope so; I can’t wait for the next story. A tense and believable thriller that’s not to be missed.