The Unquiet Heart (Sarah Gilchrist Mysteries)

Written by Kaite Welsh
Review by Jeanne Greene

1894, Scotland. In the gloom of an Edinburgh night, three terrified young women wait to hear their grade on a medical school examination. Women, who might otherwise live a privileged life, must sacrifice to become medical doctors. It’s too hard. Their families and friends urge them to give it up and get married. Most will drop out. But Sarah Gilchrist (The Wages of Sin, 2018) is made of sterner stuff.

Sarah gave her parents false hope when she became engaged to Giles Greene. Her fiancé is a useful cover for her real intention to become a medical doctor. Then Giles’ father is murdered, and Giles is jailed. Sarah, a good investigator with an interest in forensics, attempts to solve the murder and absolve Giles, but she not only uncovers enough about his family’s past to relieve her of any obligation, she also reestablishes her association with another man. Professor Gregory Murchison has more than a professional interest in Sarah. Should Sarah fall in love with Murchison; will her professional goals get in the way? Or vice versa? Will her interest in solving murders distract her from both?

Welsh has solved a problem confronting every romance writer: how to keep lovers apart without ending their affair. Sarah Gilchrist has years of medical training to complete before she becomes a MD and, if her challenges in The Unquiet Heart prove typical, she seems unlikely to abandon her goal. Welsh is a skillful writer. She has created a likeable protagonist with a purpose, a dilemma, and lots of curiosity to distract her. Readers, pick up The Wages of Sin, if you missed it, and look forward to more Sarah Gilchrist Mysteries in the future.