The Unlikely Master Genius

Written by Carla Kelly
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

It’s always time to rejoice when a new Regency-set series debuts from the imagination of Carla Kelly. This time, we have Mr. Chips in the form of the polymath genius with the strangely apt name of Durable Six, who can’t remember to keep his hair combed. Never fear, he has a keeper in the form of his new bride, Meridee, an on-the-shelf spinster with no dowry but endless game and love for her troubled, baffling new husband. Add a school full of the boys of St. Brendan’s, who, like their new math and seamanship master, are former ill-used workhouse foundlings. Place them all in a fragile, peaceful respite (during the 1803 Truce of Amiens) during the Napoleonic Wars, and a compelling story ensues. The love scenes are beautifully rendered and bound to keep romance readers enchanted. Carla Kelly is a treasure for all who enjoy great storytelling. Enough mystery and forward motion remain to anticipate the next book in the St. Brendan Series with delight. Highly recommended.