The Unfinished Gift


“Years later, Patrick would still remember the first moment he laid eyes on it.” This is the first moment of awe and joy that seven-year-old Patrick has experienced in a very long time, an unfinished carving symbolic of a deep family rift. Patrick’s mother had died in a car accident a week earlier. Miss Townsend, the government social worker, has brought Patrick to live with his grandfather until his own father returns from serving as an Air Force pilot in World War II. The shock of it all is exacerbated by meeting the stern, grouchy man who claims to be his grandfather. Now Patrick understands why he has never previously been brought here to visit. Sean, Patrick’s father, and Elizabeth are Christians who have found a new life based on their deep faith and their mutual love, all of which they have so obviously passed on to their son. But Christianity and love have little to do in this cold home, a gloomy atmosphere saved only by the visits of Miss Townsend and Grandpa’s homely, loving Italian neighbor, Mrs. Fortini.

Patrick is about to become the key to redemption as yet unimagined by all involved. A telegram, a series of letters, and the kindness of a stranger are the keys that will answer the prayers of two dead women who both adored Ian and Sean Collins. The battles will rage on in both Europe and within the elder Collins’ mind, heart and spirit but healing looms in a stormy twist of events that will warm the heart of every reader.

The Unfinished Gift is a perfect gift for anytime as well as for the holidays that manages to combine global and personal history with the essence of the Christmas spirit. Charming and poignant!

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(US) $14.99

(US) 9780800719241