The Unfinished Clue

Written by Georgette Heyer
Review by Fiona Lowe

The scene is 1933: a weekend country house party at The Grange, courtesy of General Sir Arthur Billington-Smith and his good lady wife Lady Fay Billington-Smith (who is a good deal younger than the General). And is the son and heir Geoffrey Billington-Smith really due to arrive with his extremely unsuitable fiancée in tow – Miss Lola de Silva – a Mexican cabaret dancer? Horror of horrors darling! Tongues wag of course – they always do! Then when the host is inconveniently found murdered in his own study no less, questions arise as to who did him to death. Enter Inspector Harding of the Yard, tall, handsome, former Army officer – a thorough gentleman in fact. His problem is not lack of motive or opportunity, oh no, quite the reverse. The General was not a popular man. The case bowls merrily along and a satisfying conclusion is reached. Along the way a charming romance flourishes.

A pleasing evocation of a lost, more glamorous world: of cocktails on the terrace, tennis or billiards to while away an idle hour, dinner at eight – strict dress code naturally, one would not want to wear the wrong dress!

Pure escapist entertainment. Loved it.