The Unexpected Earl

Written by Philippa Jane Keyworth
Review by Sue Asher

The beautiful, unmarried 26-year-old Julia Rotherham hopes to get through her younger sister’s coming-out ball without calling attention to herself. After being jilted at the altar six years ago, Julia doubts she’ll ever marry. Unfortunately, the jilter, Lucius Wolversley, appears at the ball uninvited. He is as shocked to find himself there as she is. He has done his best to avoid her ever since breaking off the engagement. Now, they find themselves thrown together by the circumstances of a London season. They are old family friends, after all. Julia pretends that her affection has been bestowed elsewhere and almost convinces Lucius she has moved on. However, she still wants an explanation – why did he end their engagement? Before this is straightened out, Julia’s sister and Lucius’s sister become involved with a most unacceptable suitor. Julia and Lucius must act to head off the inevitable scandal.

This is a charming and squeaky clean Regency Romance with a solid hero and feisty heroine who obviously belong together. I enjoyed settling in for the twists and turns of the plot as they find their way out of their estrangement to reunite.