The Twisting Vine

Written by Margaret Muir
Review by Sara Wilson

When Lord Farnley’s young daughter dies, her maid, Lucy Oldfield, is ordered to burn the child’s expensive French doll. Unable to do the deed, Lucy hides the doll and takes it with her when she is forced to leave her post. After that her life takes a series of twists and turns as she first falls on hard times with an illegitimate child to support, and then comes into money when a kind benefactor comes to her rescue. But whatever happens, Lucy keeps the French doll safe until the day comes when she might be able to bring solace to an elderly man by returning her to her rightful owner.

The Twisting Vine is a classic rags-to-riches tale but is none the worse for that. Lucy is an engaging heroine and there is plenty of action to keep the reader’s interest from beginning to end. When the final resolution comes it is totally appropriate and artistically extremely satisfying.