The Trading Post and Other Frontier Stories

Written by Hazel I. Rumney (ed.)
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

This anthology contains fourteen short traditional Western and American frontier stories, selected and edited by Hazel Rumney, set up to the early 1900s They reflect high-action, dramatic tales of the American West that tell of the bravery and persistence it took to survive on the American frontier. The authors included in this anthology include Michael Zimmer, Johnny D. Boggs, John Nesbitt and Bill Brooks. Several are Spur Award-winning authors, the highest award given for exceptional Western novels. I enjoy reading short stories with strong plots and appropriate endings. I found these stories met these criteria. Too many short stories leave the reader hanging with little or no closure. I can’t say any one of the stories was memorable, but short stories seldom are unforgettable because of their length and as you move on to the next story, the previous one tends to be forgotten. I found each story was entertaining though, and worth the read.