The Time-Traveling Fashionista

Written by Bianca Turetsky
Review by Rebecca Cochran

Present-day Connecticut finds vintage-clothes-loving seventh-grader Louise Lambert desperate to find a dress for her upcoming formal dance. When a mysterious invitation to a vintage fashion sale arrives, Louise believes it to be destiny. She quickly becomes enamored of a gorgeous rose-colored dress from 1912, and tries it on. As soon as she does, however, Louise is transported into the body of Alice Baxter and finds herself aboard the Titanic. In her usual plucky manner, Louise quickly adapts to this sudden time travel and body-switch, taking everything in stride. She relishes becoming a fashionista and famous actress, but having just learned about the Titanic in her history class, Louise realizes that tragedy will soon strike. She and her new maid, Anna, must figure out how to help her fellow travelers avoid certain death, while finding a way to get herself back to her own time before it’s too late.

This cute, fun read is a first-rate escapism novel. Turetsky does an excellent job intertwining fashion and history, and even includes over 20 illustrations that reflect the styles of the era. Louise’s spunk and spirit keep the story alive, and the historical events are well explained to young readers. I am already anxiously awaiting Louise’s next adventure. Highly recommended.