The Time Travel Diaries: Time Travel Diaries 1

Written by Caroline Lawrence
Review by Lisa Redmond

When London schoolboy Alex is asked to travel through time to Roman London with a paycheck of one million pounds on offer and another four million if he can track down the blue-eyed girl, well, he can’t say no, can he? Of course, at first, he thinks that billionaire Solomon Daisy is crazy, but he knows that all that money could be utterly life-changing for him and his family, and he goes along with it. In a matter of days, he finds himself traveling through a time portal and in a dangerously different London. It’s a fascinating and mind-blowing place, but he soon discovers that some of what he’s been told about Roman London doesn’t add up. When he meets some real Roman Londoners, his adventures really begin.

There is a great deal to enjoy in this novel: great characters, humour, and fast-paced storytelling. Caroline Lawrence is the author of the hugely popular Roman Mysteries, and she has of course done meticulous research on Roman London. There is fantastic detail about the law, bathing and laundry habits, gladiators, slavery, money and religious ceremonies. Could this be the start of a new series? I hope so.