The Time Roads

Written by Beth Bernobich
Review by Joann Dobson

Three narrators in four different stories relate elements of one gripping tale: the superpower nation of Eire (alternate-history Ireland) faces dissolution and defeat as the consequence of fractures in time manipulated by internal and external enemies.

Aine, the young Queen of Eire, knows the urgency of pursuing scientific discoveries that will place control of Time in the hands of those seeking stability and peace. Yet, her passion for Aidrean O’Deaghaidh, charismatic Irish Spymaster, threatens to undermine his mission of finding and immobilizing enemies of the state who would manipulate Time in order to gain power for one or the other of the weak and warring countries of a fractured Europe. Then there’s Siomon Madoc, Irish mathematician who’s got the numbers on his side; he just doesn’t know what to do with them. And the time? … it’s leading up to WWI.

The Time Roads is fascinating, even to a reader like me who’s neither scientist nor mathematician. But while the numbers were spinning in my head, the masterful swirl of powerful genres, sci-fi, espionage, romance, and steampunk, pulled me into this compelling tale from the get-go and kept me there.