The Thirty-One Kings: A Richard Hannay Thriller (Richard Hannay Returns)

Written by Robert J. Harris
Review by Rebecca Cochran

Robert Harris pays homage to the great John Buchan’s hero from The Thirty-Nine Steps, Richard Hannay. In this continuation, it is now 1940 and Richard Hannay is happily married. As Germany invades France, Hannay is called back to duty. A missing agent, Roland, needs to be found. He is the only one who knows a secret that can win the war. Hannay is the only one who can find him. Hannay travels across France uncovering many secrets, mysteries, and the truth behind the Thirty-One Kings. Nonstop action keeps the plot flowing, and the short 224 pages go by as quickly as the bombs falling from the sky.

Harris does a fine job integrating characters from Buchan’s works, imagining the way they might have aged and grown. The plotline is as one would imagine the next Hannay story might have been, had Buchan written it. Harris knows his history, and he knows his Buchan. This is a fine, fast, exciting read. Recommended.