The Things We’ll Never Have

Written by Hilary Hauck
Review by Linda Harris Sittig

In this novel set in mid-1960s London, we are introduced to the protagonist, Everleigh, about to have her fondest wish come true. She is only weeks away from marrying the man of her dreams. Although she and Gualtiero have only known each other briefly, he has read numerous letters to her about his family back home in Italy.

But when Gualtiero disappears before the wedding, Everleigh is convinced something terrible has occurred, and impulsively decides to travel to his small Italian village and meet her future in-laws, who must know what happened to her fiancé. When Everleigh finally arrives in the Italian town and finds a translator to take her to her future in-laws’ house, she is in for another stunning surprise. The man they bring out is not the man she fell in love with in London. Now, not only is she determined to find out what happened to her supposed fiancé, but she must first resolve who she became engaged to.

With multiple subplots involving all the characters, the reader is propelled through the novel, actively joining Everleigh’s quest to find the truth. In the end, when all the loose threads are tied together, each character comes to a satisfying understanding of the importance of family and the sacrifices of life. Highly recommended.