The Tattooed Duke

Written by MAYA RODALE
Review by Nanette Donohue

Eliza Fielding is one of the London Weekly’s famous Writing Girls—a group of women who, quite scandalously, write for one of Regency London’s most notable tabloids. Her latest assignment is to go undercover in the household of Sebastian Digby, the Duke of Wycliff, to see what dirt she can dig up. The Wycliffs are known for seducing their servants, so it’s an assignment that could end in disaster. Though she joins the household in order to tell a lurid story, Eliza soon finds herself sympathizing with the duke, who is an intelligent, adventurous man who never expected to find himself in his current position—and who has found that his family’s affairs are extremely messy. Her sympathy soon turns to love, but will Wycliff forgive her when he finds out who she is?

Rodale’s latest is a quick read featuring a daring hero who is a fish out of water among the ton, and a heroine whose eye for a good story gets her much more than she expected. The resolution is happy, as expected, and the couple has fun getting to their happy ending.