The Talisman Ring

Written by Georgette Heyer
Review by Eva Ulett

Miss Thane, the sensible female in Georgette Heyer’s The Talisman Ring, sums up the problem for her rather thick brother, Sir Hugh, ‘This boy lost a valuable ring at play there (the Cocoa-Tree), and was afterwards accused of having shot the man he played against’ [p. 82]. The boy in question is Ludovic, heir to Sylvester, ninth Baron Lavenham. Before dying, the crusty old Lord arranges the marriage of his granddaughter Eustacia de Vauban to Sir Tristram Shield, a grandnephew and executor of Sylvester’s estate. Sylvester meant Eustacie for his son Ludovic, but Ludovic fled the country and cannot inherit unless the actual murderer and possessor of the Talisman ring can be discovered.

Yet just as Eustacie is pledged to Sir Tristam, she discovers Ludovic—her ‘romantic cousin’— is very much upon the scene. The action in this fast-paced narrative centers in the Red Lion Inn, a public house near the residence of the ‘Beau’ Basil Lavenham, a cousin who stands to inherit in Ludovic’s stead. This is one of the very best of Georgette Heyer’s Regency romances in a handsome new edition from Sourcebooks. It is hard to imagine more fun than The Talisman Ring.