The Sweetest Dark


Lora Jones has always heard music that isn’t there and voices that don’t exist. She remembers nothing of her earliest life before age nine, but her odd behavior landed her in a mental institution at age 14. Upon release, though she truly isn’t “cured,” Lora discovers she is the recipient of a scholarship to a very prestigious girls’ school; how she came to be selected is a mystery, and Lora isn’t sure she belongs among the rich, spoiled young ladies who populate the school. Upon arrival, she is derided by her fellow pupils but quickly attracts the attention of handsome young groundskeeper Jesse and rich Armand, an earl’s son. While the other females are envious, Lora knows somehow both hold the key to her future as well as the answers to the music and the voices.

The Sweetest Dark is a paranormal tale set in 1915, yet there are no vampires, witches, or werewolves in sight. Instead, we have dragons, and the unlikely story of a girl who is the result of a long line of mythical creatures. At times the story moves quickly and at others it seems to plod along; the overall idea of what Lora is takes quite a while to actually materialize, but once it does, events fly to the ultimate conclusion. While I found The Sweetest Dark to be an enjoyable read overall, I don’t think I’d seek out a sequel if one were offered, however. I just never grew to care enough about any of the characters to seek them out again.       

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