The Swedish Gypsy


This well-researched story takes place from 1887 until 1911 in Stockholm, Sweden, and the surrounding countryside. The three main characters give us insight into the life styles of Swedish cultures—gypsy life, business, and home life. The book includes such topics as Swedish politics, health care, and tuberculosis in Sweden at the turn of the 20th century. Fredrik, a successful businessman, his wife Amalia, and Lilly, the gypsy fortuneteller, are the three main characters in this realistically drawn story.

Lilly is the most fascinating character in this book. She becomes the undoing of Fredrik as he struggles with his independent business. He owns a café that attracts the politicians and philosophers of his day and he becomes involved in promoting socialism—to his detriment. Fredrik also loves to act and sing and becomes fascinated with the lif of Lilly and her brother, Bruno. Fortunately for Fredrick, Bruno is killed before he realizes that Fredrik has fallen in love with his virgin sister. And fortunately for Lilly, Amalia dies of tuberculosis.

This book will appeal to readers who are interested in gypsy life, attitudes, and beliefs as well as readers who are interested in the early beginnings of the socialist movement in Sweden, readers who are interested in early treatments of tuberculosis, and readers who enjoy a little romance with with their history. Because the book is dedicated to the author’s maternal grandmother the reader is left wondering if the author’s grandmother was Lilly or Amalia!

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