The Stuarts in 100 Facts

Written by Andrea Zuvich
Review by Edward James

The Stuarts in 100 facts!  Who needs it?  I know thousands of facts about the Stuarts.

In fact the ‘100 Facts’ are actually 100 short essays each of about two pages, all crammed with facts, so there are indeed thousands of them, many of which I didn’t know. They are in no particular order and range from ladies’ underwear to the Duke of Monmouth (not entirely unrelated topics). Some of them are gossipy tidbits; others contain useful information, such as the two calendars in use in England throughout the 16th century. Don’t be put off by the jokey language or the tendency to assume total ignorance, such as explaining who Julius Caesar was. This is not a children’s book.

I am not sure who buys these miscellanies, but this one is well done, accurate (as far as I can see) and entertaining.