The Stacked Deck: Devil’s Own Book 3

Written by JD March
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

In the late 1800s on a New Mexican ranch, former gunfighter Johnny Fierro tries to fit into his new life with his father and stepbrother, Guy. Johnny still has a bad attitude toward the people in the local town and other ranchers. He prefers to remain by himself, even though his family tries to convince him to socialize with the locals. A warrant is served, and he is arrested for a murder committed in Utah. Johnny claims he has never been to Utah, living most of his young life along the Mexican border. Family ties are tested to the limit when Johnny, accompanied by Guy, is transferred to Utah for trial.

This novel is the 3rd in the Devil’s Own series. This book describes an unusual protagonist that you are not sure you really like. He is antisocial, calls his father names to his face, and can’t quite grasp the closeness that his brother tries to convey, which makes him an unlikely hero. The plot of the story helps move the story along and makes the book an interesting read, and I recommend this book. I don’t feel it’s necessary to have read the previous two in the series.