The Spring Bride

Written by Anne Gracie
Review by Ray Thompson

In the third book of the Chance Sisters series, Jane determines on a safe marriage to a wealthy suitor. After her destitute childhood she craves security, not love. Unfortunately, the roguish gypsy who rescues her from a street gang is far more attractive than Lord Cambury, who merely wants to add her to his collection of beautiful objects. The ‘gypsy’, Zach Black, conveniently turns out to be the disguised Earl of Wainfleet, a former spy, but there are complications: he cannot inherit his estate until he proves his identity, but if he does so he will be arrested for the murder of his stepmother.

As is the case with Regency romances, true love eventually triumphs, but before they can deserve each other, the protagonists must first learn some hard lessons and make sacrifices. This is a well-structured and involving novel: it gives insight into the impact of hardships in an unforgiving era and shows how women can mitigate them by standing together and fighting for what they believe in. Definitely recommended, despite the rather sentimental conclusion.