The Songbird’s Seduction

Written by Connie Brockway
Review by Monica E. Spence

Orphaned Lucy Eastlake was raised by her two impoverished maiden aunts. Growing up without the restrictions placed upon the young women of her era, Lucy is now a semi-successful actress on the London stage. She volunteers to shepherd her elderly aunts to France for the resolution of a pact over a fortune in rubies. Unfortunately, the aunts insist on having a male escort. Dignified Professor Ptolemy Archibald Grant is desperate to start his next dig, but his grandfather asks he escort the ladies to France. Confusion ensues and Ptolemy and Lucy fall in love while traveling across France in a gypsy caravan, as Lucy’s aunts are guided to France by Lucy’s Dame Edna-style friend.

I love Connie Brockway’s novels. She has a light touch with humor, creates great characters and has a deft hand with romance. She gives us a story of pre-WWI society’s expectations of women’s behavior, which were beginning to be challenged and would come to fruition a decade or so later. The book has several twists that will delight the reader. This is a laugh-out-loud read.