The Song of Sourwood Mountain

Written by Ann H. Gabhart
Review by Bonnie DeMoss

In 1910, Mira Dean is teaching in Louisville when preacher Gordon Covington comes to town to talk about his mission work in the Appalachian Mountains. Mira hasn’t seen Gordon in years, not since before her fiancé, Edward, died, and she gave up on love. Content with her students and quiet life, Mira never intends to marry, so Gordon’s proposal out of the blue is just preposterous. She can’t marry a man she hasn’t seen in years! But then circumstances occur that make Mira feel as if all other avenues are being closed off. Does God want her to marry Gordon and go to teach the mountain children of Sourwood, Kentucky?

This book grabs the reader right away, with a proposal of marriage in the first sentence. Mira’s reactions, from disbelief to wondering if this is God’s plan for her, start a journey many have been on—finding God’s will. The vivid descriptions of the people and their surroundings paint a realistic picture of early 20th-century Appalachian Mountain life. The “married strangers” theme works well here, and there are many intriguing characters, especially Ada June, who lost her voice when she lost her mama and won’t go anywhere without her dog. There are strong Christian messages about learning God’s will, finding family, and treating others with love and compassion. Fans of Christian romance will love this one, which I would compare in some ways to Catherine Marshall’s Christy.