The Solitary Envoy

Written by T. Davis Bunn & Isabella Dunn
Review by Dana Cohlmeyer

The first offering in the Heirs of Acadia series is a pleasant read. Erica Langston lives a comfortable life as Daddy’s bright girl in America’s new capital, Washington, until the British invade during the War of 1812 and turn her world upside down. Battling to save her family’s business, Erica realizes she must travel to England to collect on outstanding debts held by corrupt bankers. Her journey finds her helping the family of a U.S. diplomat in the Court of St. James and learning much more than she ever thought possible. As she works to sort out her family’s business, she finds herself exposed to the dreadful plight of others and struggles with where she believes her life is meant to go.
This is an inspirational novel, and therefore the book is heavy on prayer, soul-searching and doing the right thing. However, this doesn’t detract from the story, which is quite good. Erica is well fleshed-out and quite believable. It is always nice to see a strong female character fighting accepting beliefs. Her revelations throughout the book mirror those of most people as they mature and are thought-provoking without being preachy, as is sometimes the case in this genre.
It wouldn’t necessarily be listed as a must-read, but for readers searching for something heartwarming, this is certainly one to pick up.