The Sky Took Him

Written by Donis Casey
Review by Mary K. Bird-Guilliams

Donis Casey continues this gentle but enlightened series with a second mystery set in early 20th-century Oklahoma. Alafair Tucker, wise domestic goddess and plainswoman, is traveling from her home to assist her sister and visit her dying brother-in-law. A young husband who has not returned as expected from a business trip is found frozen to death in the company meat lockers. Amidst these sad and solemn events, the town of Enid is preparing to celebrate the anniversary of the Cherokee Strip Land Rush with parades and exhibits and a carnival atmosphere. Lots of little plot twists and some surprises keep the reader moving along, trying to guess which secrets will be revealed as the celebration continues. A practical wholesomeness keeps the action from being too upsetting even when dealing with absinthe addiction and uncouth wildcatters. Fans of the first book should like this one, and new readers may well take to the series.