The Singer and the Scientist

Written by Isabel Muñoz (illus.) Lisa Rose
Review by Dorothy Schwab

Singer Marian Anderson and scientist Albert Einstein cross paths in 1937 at a performance in New Jersey. In a time of racial and religious discrimination in America, Einstein shows kindness to Anderson by inviting her to stay at his home when she is denied lodging at the nearby hotel. The glimpse into Germany and the treatment of Jews through Albert’s eyes and Marian’s plight will evoke sympathy in hearts of young readers and is relevant in today’s social climate. Young readers may not have heard of Marian Anderson, but through Albert and Marian’s sharing of life stories over years of friendship, Rose creates a connection between science, music, and math. Historical connections to Eleanor Roosevelt, the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Lincoln Memorial in the Author’s Notes are links for further correlation and study. Rose’s choice of wording is both melodic and rhythmic for reading aloud, and themes of doing what is right and showing kindness makes The Singer and the Scientist a current and fulfilling addition to any library.