The Shape of Sand

Written by Marjorie Eccles
Review by Lorraine Gelly

In 1910, Harriet Jardine and her siblings left their country manor after their mother’s disappearance and their father’s suicide. From an idyllic and perfect life they were dispersed from their home amidst scandal and speculation. Now after 40 years and two world wars, a horrific discovery is made; a body is found in a wall. All the years of speculation about their mother, Beatrice, are over. The body is hers, and theirs the realization that she never left Charnley.

The storyline moves from the pre-WWI era to the mid 40’s as Harriet and her sisters and newly found nephew try to solve the mystery of Beatrice’s death. The reader takes a journey from tea on the lawn; house parties; even a cruise down the Nile, to post-war England and its deprivations. The characters are wonderful and the book is filled with vivid details of their lives and the changes that time has made.

Eccles is the author of over twenty books, and this one is one of the best. It is beautifully written and hard to forget.