The Serpent’s Shadow

Written by Mercedes Lackey
Review by Tess Allegra

This first fantasy novel of a Victorian trilogy features 25-year-old Maya Witherspoon, qualified doctor in her mother’s native India, but regarded with suspicion in her father’s England.

Her parents’ suspicious deaths send Maya into exile in a shabby section of London where she qualifies to practice medicine in a clinic for the poor. She also opens an office in her home to treat “female complaints” while exploring the magical gifts she inherited from her mother. Maya must balance her two medical practices with her search for unseen enemies, while avoiding the dreaded “serpent’s shadow” her mother warned of in her delirious dying moments.

Being new to the fantasy novel, this reader was startled to find herself willingly immersed from page one in this tale of magical intrigue. Readers will feel that they are “there” and must follow the tale to its conclusion.