The Secret Life of Lady Julia

Written by Lecia Cornwall
Review by Waheed Rabbani

Attractive Julia Leighton has come to Vienna during the 1814 Peace Talks as a paid companion to the sister of a British diplomat, and as a “listener.” Julia is an earl’s daughter who was once betrothed to a duke, but she was disowned because of an indiscretion committed in her father’s library with a handsome jewel thief, Thomas Merritt, during her own engagement ball!

Thomas is also in Vienna. Although aware of the numerous opportunities to meet women during the balls and soirees, he cannot forget Julia. While others woo her, Julia remembers Thomas frequently, but they harbour secrets from one another. Because many others are aware of them, too, it is surprising that neither one has heard them. Meanwhile, Julia becomes aware of a bizarre plot and sees letters that would implicate the Duke of Wellington and discredit the British. When Julia meets Thomas again, and their old flame is rekindled, she concocts a plan.

This historical romance has many intriguing twists and turns. Lecia Cornwall has penned a steamy love story that puts the glitz and glamour of Vienna and details surrounding the Congress to good use. Although the ending is a bit drawn out, the novel is an entertaining page turner. Recommended.