The Second War of Rebellion

Written by Katie Hanrahan
Review by Audrey Braver

This novel is a sequel to The Liberty Flower. The heroine is Madeleine Beauchamp Ashford, a twelve-year-old orphan. As the story opens, Maddie is a much-indulged “wild” child. Her stepfather is coming to take her to his home in England, far from her grandparents’ plantation in South Carolina where she was raised. Her grandfather makes a bargain with Jack as to Maddie’s future life, particularly that she be emancipated on her eighteenth birthday. Maddie grows up to be a beautiful, popular young woman. Life should progress smoothly from here; however, Jack has chosen to disregard Maddie’s grandfather’s specific request, resulting in trouble and misery.

The Second War of Rebellion is set in the early 19th century. The plot is complicated by torn loyalties, the characters are one-dimensional, and Miss Hanrahan’s style is a bit disjointed. While an interesting story, comprehension might be enhanced by reading the first book.