The Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride

Written by Victoria Alexander
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

Delilah, the widowed Lady Hargate, has a delicious fling in 1887 New York with an attractive man she never expects to see again. Then he appears at the family’s English manor to attend her sister’s wedding. Delilah tries to pretend she does not know or like the wealthy, eligible Samuel Russell. After finding only heartbreak in her first marriage, she now intends to avoid love and all the distressing problems that can go with it.

Can Samuel change her mind? Will this engaging couple manage to overcome their differences and find true love by the end of the story? Any reader of light, frothy Victorian romance will know what the resolution must be, but the fun lies in the journey to the happy ending. Some may think Delilah’s objections to this eminently suitable bachelor are a little weak, but this is a minor quibble. Ancillary characters are lively and help speed the plot along, while Samuel’s motorwagon is almost a character in itself. Fans of early automobiles will chuckle at Delilah’s reluctance to ride in it. This is Victoria Alexander’s thirtieth novel.