The Runes of Destiny

Written by Christina Courtenay
Review by Lisa Redmond

The Runes of Destiny is the follow-up to Christina Courtenay’s magical Echoes of the Runes. Although the books share a location and some characters, The Runes of Destiny can stand alone as a complete story.

When Linnea takes part in an archaeological dig, she does not bargain on being thrown back in time to Viking-era Sweden or being captured by the warrior Hrafn. As Linnea is taken on a gruelling voyage to Miklagardr (Istanbul) to be sold as a slave, she begins to form a bond with Hrafn and with the other women on board, and she wonders if her future might lie in the past. At the same time, Hrafn comes to rely on Linnea’s knowledge even though he suspects her of sorcery and starts to reconsider selling her. This is a brilliant time travel romance, full of adventure and with great characters. Courtenay has done some fantastic research on the perils of travel and the practicalities of food, shelter and clothing. She also deals wonderfully with the huge gulf in culture and beliefs between the romantic leads. An ideal choice for readers of Outlander or The Last Kingdom.