The Rogue Pirate’s Bride

Written by Shana Galen
Review by Cindy Vallar

An admiral’s daughter, Raeven Russell has the men on her father’s ship wrapped around her finger – which is why she and Percy Williams aren’t aboard HMS Regal as they should be. They’re at a Brest tavern, where Raeven intends to kill Captain Cutlass, who killed her fiancé.

Sébastien Cutlass, forced into piracy during the French Revolution, toys with the upstart who dares to challenge him. Discovering the lad’s true identity, he imprisons Raeven, but she escapes.

When these two cross paths again, Raeven’s presence complicates Sébastien’s plans to locate the elusive pirate who killed his mentor, almost getting them both killed. Taken prisoner once again, Raeven’s not certain she wants to regain her freedom – certainly not at Sébastien’s expense.

Galen’s well-drawn characters come to life as they grow in depth and maturity in this swashbuckling romance. Her details of life at sea in the Age of Sail ring true, but her characters, who should know better, have the annoying habit of referring to the ship’s guns as cannons. (Any reader of Age of Sail novels knows cannons are only found on land.) Still, readers will enjoy this rousing adventure laced with humor.