The River Knows

Written by Amanda Quick
Review by Nan Curnutt

It’s late in the reign of Queen Victoria when a young businesswoman decides she must make herself disappear. Fortunately, there have been quite a few young women committing suicide by throwing themselves into the Thames lately. It is relatively easy to write a note, then disappear.

No one recognizes the missing woman in the plain, drab widow Louisa Bryce, companion to Lady Emma Ashton. In fact, no one pays any attention to Louisa at all, which is exactly as she intends. This allows her to gather information for the sensational news stories she is writing. That is, until Anthony Stalbridge takes note of her. He can see past her drab appearance to the intelligent, fiery lady underneath. He also sees that every time he investigates Mr. Hastings, the man he believes killed his fiancée, he finds himself tripping over the enticing widow. Soon, these two strong-willed individuals realize it would be expedient to join forces.

Amanda Quick pens another magical romantic suspense where two dominant, intelligent individuals forge a business union that becomes much more. The romantic tension sizzles as the plot thickens. Amanda Quick’s witty dialogue and complex plot that make this book very hard to set down.