The Rising Star of Rusty Nail


Poor Franny Hansen. It’s 1953, and she’s ten years old and stuck in Rusty Nail, Minnesota. Already known as a gifted pianist, she fears, however, destined to live life performing only at church events and school assemblies as nothing good ever happens in her dull and boring town. Dull and boring, that is, until a real live Russian Commie moves there! Thinking this woman could be her ticket out, she soon finds herself at odds with her official Number-One Class-A Enemy: Nancy Orilee. Things get even worse when she ends up fighting with her best friend, Sandy, too. All Franny wants is to have something interesting happen to her. Oh, and beat Nancy Orilee at playing the piano.

The Rising Star of Rusty Nail is simply fun, overdramatic, and laugh-out-loud funny. For its intended audience of children ages 8-12, the opening segment where the best friends drop water balloons on townsfolk is enough to keep the pages turning until they get to the juicy part of the story. Then, they’ll get to the end and realize that they learned something about stereotypes and standing up for what’s right. Adult readers will even find themselves laughing (quietly, of course) and probably keeping two fingers crossed as well that Franny finds a way to finally beat her archenemy! (If for no other reason than to know that it can happen – even if it didn’t for us.)

In fact, as readers of all ages will be cheering for Franny, one can almost picture mothers and daughters (or dads and sons) snuggled up on the sofa taking turns reading chapters out loud and giggling together. Find a copy (or two) and start reading with your kids today!

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