The Return of the Witch

Written by Paula Brackston
Review by Nicole Evelina

This dual-viewpoint sequel to The Witch’s Daughter picks up five years after the first novel ended. Tegan has just returned from a life-changing trip studying magical systems of the world under well-known masters. What she doesn’t expect is that Elizabeth, too, has returned and with some distressing news: Gideon has escaped the Summerland. He quickly kidnaps Tegan and they begin a whirlwind chase through time with Elizabeth trying to rescue Tegan and Gideon bent on using her for his own nefarious purposes.

Be sure to read The Witch’s Daughter first. Having loved the first novel, I was let down by this one. I expected more. Many elements felt too like the first book and were predictable. The two points of view didn’t serve the book well, as Tegan’s sections interrupted the flow of the main story and were clear back-story that I found hard to swallow. However, I did enjoy the relationship between Elizabeth and her Time Stepper, and the resolution to their storyline was very pleasant. I feel Tegan’s was purposefully left open for future books. If you’re a fan of the first novel, you’ll probably like this one, but don’t come into it expecting too much.