The Rest Is Silence

Written by James R. Benn
Review by Barbara Goldie

An unidentified corpse is washed ashore, a great start to an exciting story. The setting of Slapton Sands, a beach on South West England’s Devon coast, is brought to life; Knightsbridge’s description is true to life and creates a great sense of time and place for this murder mystery, set in April 1944.

The descriptions are so vivid you can almost smell the seaside, fresh and bracing, and the next moment smell the mortuary: not quite so fresh! James R Benn talks to the reader through Billy. It is as if Billy is talking to the reader, which made me felt really involved and part of the story. He introduces us to the characters and has a good rapport with his audience. It is a very fast-paced novel, with believable dialogue and vivid descriptions, easy and quick to read. It fairly romps along and kept my interest. It is good for all audiences, lovers of adventure, history, or a good murder mystery.

Although it is part of a series it can be read, as I read it, as a standalone novel. In fact I will be looking out for the rest of the series! In parts I found it hard to read, somewhat harrowing, but it was enjoyable nonetheless, and I can thoroughly recommend it!