The Rescued

Written by Marta Perry
Review by Beth Turza

The second book in the Keepers of the Promise series, this sweet Amish story follows Judith Wegler in modern-day Pennsylvania and her life with her husband, Isaac, her children, and Isaac’s brother, Joseph. Her husband has stored up a great deal of guilt and anger, having saved his infant brother from a house fire that took the lives of the rest of their family 13 years ago. Not excited about farming the family land, Joseph hopes to apprentice in a trade, creating more friction between the brothers. As Isaac pushes the now-teenage Joseph away, he also pushes away Judith. She finds strength to fix things while reading letters dating from 1953 that she discovers in an old desk. The letters were written by a widow, Mattie Lapp, who defies the county by keeping her daughter home rather than having her attend public school, as mandated by a new law. Mattie finds that her late husband’s cousin is a great help and support to her, and they come to realize that their feelings for one another grow over time.

As we follow both women’s stories, they seek resolution by finding strength in their faith to make the right choices for their families. The Rescued touches on characters that we met in The Forgiven: Judith’s two cousins. I like how the author understands the minds and ways of the Amish women, often using familiar expressions and terms in their dialogue, which gives her works a genuine feel. I look forward to finding out how cousin Barbie Lapp’s life proceeds in the third book.