The Red Wolf’s Prize (Medieval Warriors Book 1)

Written by Regan Walker
Review by Anne McNulty

Walker, the author of the Agents of the Crown series of Regency romances, turns her attention to several hundred years earlier in this historical romance set two years after the Norman Conquest. A grateful William the Conqueror awards one of his fiercest warriors, Sir Renaud de Pierrepont, “the Red Wolf,” with Talisand, the estate of a stubborn English warrior who died at the Battle of Hastings – and as a bonus one often finds in Medieval romances, King William throws in the dead lord’s maiden daughter, Lady Serena. But when the Red Wolf arrives at Talisand, he finds its mistress fled, although he notices fairly quickly a beautiful servant girl who, unbeknownst to him, is Lady Serena in disguise.

A complicated passion ensues, and as fast-paced and believable as that ends up being, Walker’s narrative really distinguishes itself by the large amount of research she has done into all aspects of the Norman Conquest period. As the Red Wolf takes over Talisand, we get a finely-detailed sense of the day-to-day workings of a landed estate in early Norman times, and Walker makes this and the complicated politics of the period utterly fascinating. I’m very much looking forward to more books in this series.