The Reckless Bride

Written by Stephanie Laurens
Review by Audrey Braver

The Reckless Bride completes the Black Cobra Quartet. In 1822, four members of a special British military outfit in India set out for a rendezvous in England, each carrying a letter identifying the leader of the Cult of the Black Cobra, an enemy of the British government. Only one letter is genuine, the others are decoys. Members and assassins of the Black Cobra Cult follow each man to intercept and destroy the letters and kill their couriers. Despite their dangerous and hazardous voyages, each man arrives home safely having also encountered a female along the way who embodies his ideal woman. Each book is an erotic as well as adventurous saga.

While the plot in each of the four novels is basically the same, Ms. Laurens has created different details, twists and turns for each one. While the four men arrive at their destinations at various times, The Reckless Bride pulls the ending together and reveals the surprising identity of the villain.