The Quilter’s Homecoming: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel


Elizabeth Bergstrom loves horses and farms, so it is no surprise when she marries Henry Nelson, a former friend and secret love from Elm Creek Manor, near her family’s famous horse-breeding farm in Pennsylvania. His dream becomes hers, to buy and run a cattle ranch in a small southern California town in the Arboles valley.

But this is the 1920s, a time when laws and honesty don’t always coincide. Elizabeth and Henry are hardly prepared for the devastating shock they find on arriving to claim their land and home. Showing the true grit and perseverance of 20th century men and women, they accept their destiny and decide to work for what they need. As they learn their jobs and establish relationships with their neighbors, Elizabeth becomes aware of a family with medical and psychological needs that calls forth all her compassion and need to do something. The story of the Diaz family weaves through that of the Nelsons in a heartrending manner, enhancing the reader’s appreciation of Rosa’s plight. Moving into the gradual revelations of the mystery, Elizabeth is able to do something that will change the fortunes of both Rosa and Elizabeth’s family.

Throughout this tenth novel of Jennifer Chiaverini’s quilting series, the reader will appreciate the love, stories, and skills of those who embrace this beautiful craft, as well as the magnificent tales left in these artistic tapestries. Chiaverini is highly skilled in smoothly and seamlessly creating a multilayered plot with subtle and stark effects. Finely written and a great read!

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