The Queene’s Christmas

Written by Karen Harper
Review by Lorraine Gelly

As Christmas of 1564 approaches, Queen Elizabeth I decides to grant the wishes of her beloved “Kat” (Lady Katherine Ashley), her aging confidante, and decrees the Court shall have Twelve Days of feasting and festivities. However the joyful season starts off on the wrong foot when the dresser of the Queen’s kitchen, the person who ornately adorned the fancy dishes for feasts, is found hanged in his kitchen.

As the news quickly spreads around the court, the queen and her closest advisers, the members of her “Privy Plot Council” who Elizabeth trusts and upon whom Elizabeth heavily relies, attempt to stem the rumors and gather clues. However before too long, other events occur which cause her to even begin to suspect her staunchest allies.

This, the sixth book in the series, is an imaginative mystery into which Harper incorporates many historical figures and events. Certainly, the character of Elizabeth and members of her court are fascinating in their own right. Having them investigate, search for clues and attempt to solve crimes within the confines of the knowledge of their time is an interesting concept.