The Queen of Swords

Written by R.S. Belcher
Review by Judith Starkston

“The best you could hope for were good charts, good memories, maps of love, family and friendship to help you find your course through loss and disappointment, straight and sure.” This conclusion drawn by Maude, one of Belcher’s two extremely engaging heroines, is an excellent summary of the book’s positive theme, despite monsters and evil forces that haunt the novel, the kickass heroines who don’t follow the rules, and a cynical streak a mile wide.

This is a dark fantasy, stretching across Belcher’s Weird West to London of 1870 and Africa of 1721, but it’s also all about the ties of friends and family. Nothing is stronger or more enduring in Belcher’s world, so bring on the mankind-destroying creatures. This is third in Belcher’s Golgotha series about the Daughters of Lilith, women who partake of her blood and a lot of cool training to become protectors of humans against the giant wurms and other evils that most of us are blessedly unaware of. He builds awe-inspiring worlds and fully-developed characters, both primary and secondary, that suck the reader in. Delightful fun from beginning to end.