The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh (The Cavanaughs)

Written by Stephanie Laurens
Review by Misty Urban

In this next in the series on the lives and loves of the Cavanaugh clan, Lord Kit Cavanaugh descends on Victorian-age Bristol to establish a yacht-building business, his lifelong dream. Outraged that her charity school has been ousted from its warehouse, Sylvia Buckleberry charges into Kit’s office to demand redress and is mortified to encounter the subject of her younger self’s sensual fantasies. Sylvia puts the old crush aside to focus on preserving her school, but her admiration grows as Kit comes to the rescue of all around him, adopting the school, revitalizing the local economy with his business, and saving many a family from despair. Kit, whose rakish reputation was all a sham anyway, decides early on that he wants to install Sylvia in his home, and sets to wooing the clergyman’s daughter with long walks and a night at the symphony. There is no villain Kit cannot handily defeat, no hardship he cannot ease with his fortune and status, and no question that the lovely, sensitive Sylvia will surrender to his noble pursuit. The easy resolutions and warm-heartedness of her latest romance will leave Laurens’s legions of fans sighing and nicely sets up Stacie Cavanaugh’s story next.